The C programming language has powered crucial applications and various versions of the platform require developers to stay aware of system limitations and coding habits. The formal training program in C language from Our help students

  • Build broad skill sets that attract employers
  • Learn how to write lean code
  • Write software for new, powerful, personal computers
  • Master the craft of developing procedural code
  • Understand the process of managing a software project


  • Inhouse Certification


This course is meant for students or professionals to strengthen their skills in the area of programming and d evelop the technical learning and the project management skill

  • Computer Programmer


Intoduction to C

    • S/w classification
    • Evolution of C Language
    • Importance of C in programming
    • Features of C
    Structure of a C Program
    • Header files, Constants
    • Keyword, Identifiers
    • Primitive Data Types
    • Derived Data Types
    I/O Operations
    • Types of I/O statements
    • Formatted / Unformatted I/O
    Operators (Unary & Binary)
    • Arithmetic, Relational, Logical
    • Assignment, Ternary/Conditional
    • Increment/Decrement
    • Pointer / Bitwise / Special
    • Order of Evaluation
    Control Statements
    Conditional Statements
    • Simple if..else
    • Nested if..else ladder
    • Goto Statement
    • Break & Continue Statement
    • witch..Case statement
    Looping/Iterative Statements
    • For, While, Do..While
    • Nested loop Statements
    • Importance, Classification
    • Function Prototype
    • Defining & Calling Function
    • Function with & without arguments
    • Nested calling
    • Recursive Functions
    • Creating own header files
    Storage classes
    • Automatic, Extern
    • Static, Register
    Working with Arrays
    • Purpose for Arrays
    • Types of arrays
    • One / Two / Multi Dimensional
    • String representation
    • String Manipulation
    • Declaring / Initializing a String
    • String Functions
    • String Formatted Specifiers
    • Multiple Strings/String arrays
    Structures, Unions, enum
    • Introduction to structures
    • Declaring a Structure
    • Creating Structure variables
    • Structures with Arrays
    • Structures with Function
    • Nested Structures
    Introduction to Union
    • Declaring Union
    • Structures versus Unions
    • Enumerations, Typedef
    • Memory Concept
    • Introduction to Pointers
    • Operations on Pointers
    • Pointer to Array
    • Pointers to Structures
    • Array of Pointers
    • Pointer to Pointer
    • Void pointers, NULL pointers
    • Dangling pointers, Wild pointers
    • Call by Value, Call by Reference
    • Passing Pointers to Functions
    • Functions returning Pointers
    • Pointer to Functions
    • Dynamic Memory Allocation
    • < Alloc.h>, Malloc(), Calloc(),
    • Realloc() & Free()
    File Handling
    • Importance of Runtime data & storage
    • File Input, Output Operations
    • Sequential File Processing
    Command Line Arguments
    • Handling Errors
    • Global Variable errno
    • perror() and strerror()
    • Divide by Zero Error
    Data Structures
    • Importance of Data Structures
    • Structured Representation
    • Common operations on Data Structure
    • D ata Structure Representation
    • Stack Definition (LIFO)
    • Application of stacks
    • Operations of stack
    • Stack implemented as an array
    • Stack operations implemented with pointers
    • Queue Definition (FIFO)
    • Application of Queues
    • Differences between Stacks & Queues
    • Operation of Queue
    • Circular / Priority / Double Ended Queue
    • Q ueue implemented with Pointers
    Linked List
    • Advantages of Linked List over an Array
    • Application of Linked List
    • Types of Linked Lists
    • Singly Linked Lists
    • Operations on Singly Linked List
    • Doubly Linked Lists
    • Operations on Doubly Linked Lists
    • Concept of Circular Linked Lists
    • Concept of Circular Double Linked Lists
    • Terminologies – Root,Leaf,Parent,Child, etc.
    • Binary Trees
    • Implementation of Binary Trees
    • Insertion / Deletion
    • Binary Search Trees
    • Traversing a Binary Tree
    • Pre order / In order / Post order
    Sorting Techniques
    • Importance of Sorting
    • Selection Sort. Bubble Sort
    • Insertion Sort, Merge Sort
    • Quick Sort
    Searching Techniques
    • Why is searching done
    • Type of searching
    • Best suitable Search method
    • Linear Search, Binary Search

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