With the high demand for qualified and skilled website designers and developers, training in PHP accelerates a budding IT career. Multiple content management systems (CMS) exist to help port text, images and binary data to the Web, and professionals with PHP training execute the complex operations in a hypertext environment in the CMS applications. Our training in PHP allows students to understand content management systems and build flashier web pages to create the best user experiences on the Web.


  • Zend Technologies


Functionality demanded by the Web-consuming public requires skilled professionals who can create interactive, dynamic and database-enabled web pages with a cutting edge that support a wide range of databases.

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Programmer
  • Content Developer


    • Introduction to PHP
      Web Architecture, Web Server
      Install Configure
      PHP, Apache, MySQL
      Overview of NetBeans
      Datatypes, Variables, Operators
      Tags, Comments
      PHP.ini settings
      Constants – Magic, Pre/User define
      Conditional Statements
      If, If…else, If…else if…else, Switch
      While, Do…while, For, Break/Continue
      Passing Arguments by Value/Reference
      Recursive Functions
      String Functions
      Include & Require Statements
      Date, Time, Math
      Arrays – Types, Array functions
      PHP Forms, Form Submit
      Get & Post methods
      Advanced PHP
      Regular Expressions
      Validating Textboxes, Email, Password, Date
      Validating Phone numbers, Zipcode etc
      Creating custom regular expressions
      File handling – Open, Read, Write, Close
      OOPS in PHP
      Sessions, Variables, Session ID
      Create/Retrieve/Destroy session
      Cookies, Types of Cookies
      Create/Retrieve/Delete cookies
      Exception Handling – Try, Throw, Catch

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