Administering Windows Server 2012
Deploy Manage & maintain servers
Deploy and manage server images
Configure FSRM
Home folder
• What is home folder?
• Configuration of Home Folder
• Configure file and disk encryption
• Configure BitLocker encryption
Configure & Manage Active Directory
Configure domain controllers
Structure of Active Directory
• Physical – Domain Controller, Sites
• Logical – Forest, Tree, Domain
Installing and configuring ADC,
Maintain Active Directory
Maintaining the Active Directory
• Raising forest & domain
functional level
Configure account policies
Password policy
• What is default password policy?
• Changing default password policy
Account lockout policy
• Enabling account lockout threshold
• Account Lockout duration
• Account Lockout reset
• Unlocking locked account
• Password policy settings
– domain & local user
• Configure & apply PSOs
• Account lockout policy settings
• Kerberos policy settings
Configure and Manage group policy
• Configure Group Policy settings
• Configure settings
– software installation
– folder redirection
– scripts
– administrative template settings