Many people seek to update and interact with Internet pages for both personal and business use. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the standard for sharing the Web-based information. HTML code (tags or elements) dictate everything from text size, bold and italics to the placement of images and tables on a page. With CSS, Web designers can gain control over many features of a site’s design, say they can make changes to all or part of a Web document. Our HTML& CSStraining provides the “backbone” set of skills needed to build and maintain a variety of different webpages, alongwith

  • Solid understanding of HTML & CSS
  • Willingness to move beyond outdated
  • Web design standards
  • Ability to hand-code for the Web


  • Zend Technologies


This course is suitable for casual Internet users and bloggersfor learning more range from self-help books and continuing-education classes to world-class professional training. Web professionals can undergo this training to boost their skills at many levels and for a lift in their design career.

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Programmer
  • Content Developer


H T M L 5

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Webpages – Static/Dynamic/Server
  • HTML program, Editors
  • Tags
    • Basic, Meta, Empty, Container
    • Phrase, Font, Image, Marquee
    • List, Table, Form, Frame
  • Elements, Attributes, Parameters
  • Headings, Paragraphs, Comments
  • Formatting – Tags, Text
  • Links, Images, Tables, Lists
  • Forms, Frames, Colors, Blocks
  • Media – Audio, Video
  • Difference – HTML & XHTML
  • W3C Standards


  • Introduction to CSS 3
  • Syntax, Advantages
  • Style Sheets
    • External, Internal, Inline
    • Properties, Values
  • Web pages using HTML tags
  • Selectors
    • Global, Class, Id, Grouped, Descendant
  • Div tag, Span tags
  • Formatting – Backgrounds, Text, Fonts
  • Links
    • a:link, a:Visited, a:Hover, a:Active
  • Custom Cursors
  • Lists, Tables, Box Model, Padding
  • Borders, Outline, Margin
  • Navigation Bar, Dimension, Align
  • Display, Positioning, Floating
  • Pseudo-class, Pseudo-element
  • Image Gallery, Image Opacity
  • Media Types, Attr Selectors
  • Text Effects/Layouts
  • 2d/3d Transforms
  • Transitions, Animations
  • Gradients, The Box Shadow

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