Though IT jobs will keep growing faster than those in other segments of the economy, Computer Networking and Security stands out with exceptionally high demand for skilled workers with operational efficiency. Networking and security training helps professionals combine existing job experience with the certifications necessary to protect company, school and government systems from cyber attacks. Our course is designed to prepare the applicants to identify, design and recommend the best Cisco solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. It provides the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting information that technical support people require to install and configure the Cisco products.




CISCO is most popular in making network related products and has created a demand for certified professionals in that area. Network professionals seeking credential to make an entry into the world of CISCO would be benefitted by this course. Those who aspire to make a career in the networking field and take up jobs that are related to CCNA can undergo this course to make a career in the wireless / wired / open source networks. .

  • Network Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Network Support Engineer
  • Network Administrator


Networking Fundamentals

  • TCP/IP Networking Model
  • OSI Networking Model
  • Fundamentals of Ethernet LANs
  • Fundamentals of WANs
  • Fundamentals of IPv4 Addressing and Routing
  • Fundamentals of TCP/IP Transport and Applications

Ethernet LANs and Switches

  • Building Ethernet LANs with Switches
  • Installing and Operating Cisco LAN Switches
  • Configuring Ethernet Switching
  • Implementing Ethernet Virtual LANs
  • Troubleshooting Ethernet LANs

IP Version 4 Addressing and Subnetting

  • Binary
  • Subnetting
  • Applying Subnets to Diagrams

Implementing IP Version 4

  • Operating Cisco Routers
  • Configuring IPv4 Addresses and Routes
  • Learning IPv4 Routes with OSPFv2
  • Configuring and Verifying Host Connectivity
  • Configuring Static Routes
  • Configuring DNS and DHCP

IPv4 Services

  • Basic IPv4 Access Control Lists
  • Advanced IPv4 ACLs and Device Security
  • Network Address Translation

IP Version 6

  • Fundamentals of IP Version 6
  • IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting
  • Implementing IPv6 Addressing on Routers
  • Implementing IPv6 Addressing on Hosts
  • Implementing IPv6 Routing

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