The rapid enterprise adoption of the cloud infrastructure generates considerable AWS career opportunities. The rise of cloud computing technologies has opened up a Pandora’s box for IT professionals with the technical skills and expertise to create, deploy and manage applications on Amazon Web Services.


  • In-house certification


    • Cloud solutions architect
    • AWS Cloud architect
    • AWS Cloud consultant
    • AWS Cloud engineer
    • AWS Cloud developer
    • AWS Support


    Linux Basics
    • Linux file system structure
    • Basic commands
    • Users & groups
    • Permissions & ownership
    • Start & stop of services
    Cloud Computing
    • What is Cloud Computing
    • Advantages of Cloud Computing
    • Deployment models
    • Service models

    Amazon Web Services
    • Introduction to Amazon Web Services
    • Advantages of AWS
    • Account creation
    • Free tier overview
    EC2- Elastic Compute Cloud
    • Launch of instances
    • Access of instances through
    o putty
    o remote desktop
    • Instance types
    • Security groups
    • Ebs volumes
    • Snapshots
    • Creation of Amazon machine image(AMI)
    • Elastic Loadbalancers
    • Health checks

    • Autoscaling groups
    • Ec2 with Amazon comm
    • Line interface

    Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    • Basics of Networking
    • Default vs Custom VPC
    • Creation of non default VPC
    • NAT configuration
    • Subnet groups
    • Elastic Ip address
    • Elastic Networking
    • Launch of instances in non default VPC

    Relational Database service (RDS)
    • RDS Essentials
    • Launch of RDS instances in default VPC
    • Connecting RDS instance with EC2 instance
    • Backups
    • Multi AZ
    • Read Replicas
    • RDS security groups

    IAM (Identity Access Management)
    • Getting started with IAM
    • Root vs User accounts
    • IAM Roles & policies

    Amazon S3
    • Simple Storage Service introduction
    • Creation of buckets
    • S3 bucket versioning
    • Life cycle policies
    • Static webhosting with S3 bucket
    • Using AWS comm & line interface with S3
    • S3 pricing
    Route 53
    • Domain registration
    • Domain Name System (DNS) service
    o A Format
    o AAAA Format
    o CNAME Format
    o MX Format & more
    Cloud Watch
    • Monitoring of Instances
    • Health checks in cloud watch
    • Creation of alarms
    • Configure the notifications

    • Simple Queue Service
    • Simple Notification Service
    • Simple Email Service

    Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
    • Elastic beanstalk control panel
    • Deploying application with elastic beanstalk

    Concept to Production
    • LAMP installation
    • LEMP Installations
    • Securing applications with SSL
    • High availability WordPress Application
    • Installation of Nagios Server