Knowledge of Photoshop is a requirement for many professions in the publishing, advertising, online media and visual art industries. Photoshop gives photographers, artists and designers a stunning array of tools, to turn ordinary images into powerful visual art. Our’s formal training in Photoshop is an efficient way to achieve mastery which makes the student proficient in

  • Correcting saturation, hue and contrast
  • Retouching minor imperfections within images
  • Adding text and vector art
  • Preparing images for publication
  • Working with videos


  • Adobe


Graphic designers, multimedia artists and photographers can enhance their careers by learning the intricacies of the world’s top image-editing software. In addition to professionals in the visual arts, creative individuals with a passion for scrapbooking, photography or web design may opt for the course to master the full scope of Adobe Photoshop’s capabilities

  • Photoshop Designer
  • Digital Illustrator
  • Commercial Artist
  • Creative Director
  • Art director
  • Visualiser
  • Graphic Designer


    Introduction to Photoshop
    • Vector graphic Vs Raster Graphics
    • Photoshop Interface
    • Resolution
    • Color modes
    • Working with selection tools
    • Using Layers
    • Layer Palettes
    • Apply Blending options
    • Add layer effects
    • Layer Masking
    • Saving images
    – different file formats
    • Printing images
    • Apply various gradient effects
    • Apply filters to the images
    • Image Editing
    • Image Manipulation
    • Creating Web Layout
    • Background effects to images
    • Creating Album sheets
    • Image HDR tonings
    • Morphing images
    • 3d designs
    • Apply Lighting effects
    • Creating GIF animations
    • Manipulating photo effects
    • Photo splatter dispersions
    • Galaxy logo designs
    • Creating Threshold effects
    on portrait (Brush)

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