Adobe Flash is the industry leader for creating and delivering state of the art animation and multimedia content across multiple platforms and devices. The timeline and drawing tools will dramatically increase the workflow efficiency particularly for designers and animators in creating digital media content, including graphics,animation, audio, video and interactive media. Flash is most commonly used to displayanimated and/or interactive content on web pages and in recent years has also become a leader in online video delivery. Our high-end professional training enables the student to to createanimation, advertisements, and various web page Flash components, to develop richInternet applications.


  • Adobe


This course is intended for those who want to develop rich internet applicationsthat include graphics, animation, audio, video and interactive media.

  • 2d Animator
  • Flash Animator
  • Flash Developer
  • Web Animator
  • Web Developer
  • Cartoon Animator


    Introduction to 2d Animation
    • 2d Vs 3d Animation
    • Tools
    -Selection, Crop, Slice, Type, Drawing
    – Painting, Retouching, Navigation
    – Annotation, Measurement
    • Property Inspector
    • Rules, Grids & Guides
    • Layers, Timeline
    • Frame By Frame Animation
    • Motion/Shape Tweening
    • Add Motion Guide
    • Symbols, MovieClip/Button/Graphic
    • Picture/Text Morph, Masking
    • Text Effects, Cartoon Animation
    • Action Script, Filters
    • Flash Banners, Web Layouts
    • Tite Effects, Logo animations
    • Menu Bars

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